Programming a Shanghai game for Windows with TPW 1.5


Last week, I decided to program a Shanghai game for my PC. I'm using
Turbo Pascal for Windows (version 1.5, very light, cool :-)), and the
program was released today on my site as a version 1.0.

But since I've spent over one year without coding anything, I lost a
bit of my experience (actually my last "real" and "big" program was an
anti-virus for the Atari ST in 1991...).

So, I've got problems with this :

- I can't put 256 colors in the graphics I use for my game. I'm afraid
if I used some Palette routines, the program would slow down. I'm
working on a way to optimize my painting routine (I know it'll work),
but I'd like to make sure that the routines are the fastest possible.

- does the Wing library work on Windows 3.1 ? (Though I'm using W95,
I'd like the game to be compatible.) And if yes, which files are
needed ? Can I bring them along with the program and just keep them in
the current directory for my Shanghai to use them ? Do I need all the
files if I'm just trying to use the palette, bitblt/stretchblt &
buffer functions ?

Finally, I'm looking for traditional Shanghai tiles (a set of 42
chinese-like tiles) with an approximate size of 40x50 or 36x50. Does
anybody know somewhere I could download this kind of tile set ?

I'm also looking for funny manga-style graphics to include in the
design of my game (which looks presently, I must admit, a bit sad...).

Well, well, well.
Thanks for taking the time to answer me !

PS : my game is freeware and I don't especially intend to release it
as a shareware in the near future.

Rene-Gilles Deberdt (21)
Lille, France. Webmaster,
journalist, j-translator

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