TTABLE Refresh Method - Not refreshing????

Brenden Walker wrote:

> I have an application (Delphi 1.0), running under Win-OS/2, that
> accesses shared paradox tables via a mapped drive.

> The problem is, I can edit a record from my location, and the users in
> remote locations cannot see the change, even after refreshing the
> table.  At first I thought maybe the refresh was not happening, so I
> added a Refresh button that refreshes all open tables.

> This didn't seem to help.  The only way for the users to get the new
> data is by closing and re-opening the tables.

> Any ideas?  It seems to me, that it may be a disk-cache problem, but I
> do not think that OS/2 caches mapped drives.

> Is there a BDE function that flushes any BDE buffers???

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