Pbrobem with Quick Report and Teechart 4.0 (Delphie 4.02 CS)

Hello I' m Sophana,

I have any problems and I hope that someone can help me.

When  I use a component TQRCHART with a TQUICKREP :
1) the method 'print' from quickrep1  doesn't work.

2) The preview works  just one time (the first time, and for a second time,
bug of preview appears)

Try them and you will know what I mean.

I found a "pseudo" solution but not  the real solution !!! :
I use a component TCompsiteReport . I associate my quickrep variable with a
CompositeReport by the 'add' method  . And I call the
CompositeReport.preview method
like this :

procedure TForm2.QRCompositeReport1AddReports(Sender: TObject);
    with QRCompositeReport1 do

I have stilll a problem : I don't  know how to turn the page in landscape

I try :  QRCompositeReport1.PrinterSettings.Orientation:=poLandscape;
(Quickrep1 and  QRChart1 are already configured in landscape mode)

with no success.
Help !!!!