BDE error on NT and 95 not 98

    I work for a small software development company that
writes software in Delphi and we use paradox 7 tables to store our file
information, the reports we generate, etc.
    We are currently attempting to use Merant's ODBC driver to allow users
to open our databases in Access(using linked tables) while our software is
still running.  I am able to get the data to open in Access and in the
software independently, but when I try to open them both I get error
messages.  If I open the Access tables first I get "$201C BDE error
initializing and a can not find DB.
    Program will terminate." message on the software.  If I open the
first I get ODBC errors.
    On my Win98 second edition system I solved this problem by making sure
that I only have one idapi32.dll on the system.  But, this fix did not work
on Win95 or NT.  Does anyone know why?  I received a tip from another
newsgroup person and he said that the error was caused by having two
idapi32.dll files on the computer, but I double-checked the 95 and NT
systems and they only have one idap32.dll.

Thanks for any insight,
  Amber Frana

P.S.  I am running Merant's evaluation copy of the ODBC driver with BDE