I need help using ReportSmith with Delphi 1

Three problems that I haven't found a solution for:

1)  How do I pass information into "report variables" from my Delphi
    I tried to follow the example in the book using the Initial Values
(stringlist) but I must
    not be coding it correctly.  When ReportSmith activates, it still
requests me for the
    "report variables"

2)  When I'm developing the reports, I am working in a directory.  I
haven't found a way
    to put the reports into a different directory with the databases
required and then direct
    ReportSmith to find the report there.  It still wants to go to the
development directory.
    I solved this kind of a problem in my Delphi application with an
"INI" file/database.  I
    think I tried setting the ReportDir property from inside the
application, but will have to      check that again.

3)  Last problem is really weird.  I developed a lot of reports being
run from different forms.
    Some of them work, some of them don't!!  The ones that don't start
ReportSmith, but the
    report doesn't show up.  I just get a blank screen in ReportSmith.
If I click on "Open",
    the open directory is the one which has the report.  If I then click
on the report that was
    supposed to run, I get the report as expected.   Can somebody tell
my why ReportSmith
    refuses to find and run the report?

Thanks a lot in advance
Bill Wester
US Census