HELP! Cannot Access MDI Child's Components

Hi All,

  I am trying to make a small text editor, using the MDI application
framework.  Heres what I would like to do from my "Frame" or parent forms

  ChildForm.Code.Lines.LoadFromFile (OpenDialog1.FileName);

  Alrighty then, that won't work!  I have tried ActiveMDIChild and
MDIChildren[TabSet.TabIndex], etc... but these are just simple TForms and
so therefore don;t recognize my Memo -> Code!  I also tried creating an
instance of TChildForm, but thats too messy, and won't work anyhow.  What
the heck do I do?  I have the Delphi Developers Guide and all packaged
Delphi 1 & 2 manuals at my disposal.  Thanks for the time!  Please reply
via E-Mail to