Is it possible to make Active Server Objects in Delphi 6 (or 7) Professional?


We're trying to develop a Delphi ASP application that would work with ASP
(we're using IIS 5.0). The book "Delphi 6 Developer's Guide" by Steve
Texeira and Xavier Pacheco states that "you can still write Active Server
Objects using Delphi 6 Professional, but you'll have to do a lot of the work
manually ---- users are well-advised to consider moving to the Enterprise
edition if development time is at a premium."

My question is, how much harder would it be if we only have the Professional
version (we've already upgraded to Delphi 7 Professional)? We have the trial
version of the Delphi 7 Enterprise edition which, during the trial period,
allows us to use the wizards for adding Active Server Objects ---- providing
us with "templates" for adding new Active Server Objects in our program. We
can then just add additional code to these "templates" in the usual manner
(i.e., manually). Given this, are we still advised to purchase the
Enterprise version? (This is the only web application we're trying to
develop, so I'm having trouble justifying the investment in the Enterprise

I appreciate your comments.