Borland's setup programs hate Stacker

Mark Edwards wrote:

> Well, I've tried installing Delphi 2.01 to Windows 95, and had a three day
> "experience" doing so. Eventually, I set it up one piece at a time, and had
> to copy parts from the diskimage on CD.

> Then I got C++Builder, and had the same, irritating experience. I had this
> experience with Sun's Java Workshop (yeah, I know it isn't Borland's), but
> the install problem went away when I put it on a non stacked partition.

> Sooooo....

> I cleared Delphi 2.01 from my hard drive. I deleted a bunch of stuff to
> make room for uncompression. I removed Stacker.
> I reinstalled Delphi 2.01 AND installed C++Builder with NO, NOT ONE, NOT A

> All three programs use INstallShield. This leads me to believe that either
> InstallShield doesn't work on stacked drives, or that Borland is doing
> something wrong in their InstallShield scripts.

> Come on, Borland! I RELY on having a stacked drive!

> Mark Edwards
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Your system is loading an old driver.

Rename VSTACKER.386 to VSTACKER.OLD, reboot, then reinstall.

Joe C. Hecht
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