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!HELP: Looking for Data aware TListView-type component!

I am writing a D2 program and am CONSTANTLY frustrated by the limitations
of the DBGrid component!  I had MUCH better luck in TurboVision using
their ListBox class!

I'm looking for a component which will let me-
a.  Sort on a column's values by clicking on the Column title,
b.  Multi-select like the REST of Win95, not Borland's bastardized version
(I especially want the multi-selection method where one highlights ONE
record, or line, moves up or down to another, presses SPACE and clicks the
new line and ALL the intervening records are selected)
c.  Let's me select (highlight) the WHOLE line (DBGrid does, ListView

If ANYONE has suggestions (preferably AFFORDABLE), please Email me with

 Jim 8^)


Re:!HELP: Looking for Data aware TListView-type component!

Has anyone experienced any problems running Delphi 2 compiled applications
under the Delphi 3 BDE (BDE version  4.0)?

Do the new versions of SQL Links work ok with Interbase, MS SQL and Oracle?

Can you deploy a D2 app, with the D3 BDE?

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