Datasource in a frame within a frame

I have a datasource component that is in a frame. Actually, there are
several "child" frames that each contain a datasource component. All of
these child frames are placed in another "parent" frame.

This parent frame is included in the "uses" list for a form, but the
dbEditBox.datasource property does not show any of the datasources that
exist in the child frames.

If I add the child frames directly into the "uses" list for the form, then
the datasources do show as available.

Can anyone tell me how I can use the frame-within-a-frame approach and still
have the datasources appear in the database control's datasource property?

I would use a data module, but I want to set up the dbExpress data access
components once and reuse them every time I need to access a particular
database table. For example, I have a table that is used for State/Province
abbreviations; this table is used in many different forms, to popuplate a
"State/Province" DBComboBox list. If I change a field name in the ListSource
table, or if I add a new field, I don't want to have to go to every data
module and make changes; I want to make the change just once, and have the
change reflected everywhere I access the State/Province table.