Cannot Connect to remote SQL Server

I have a SQL Server 7 database hosted by an ISP.  I can get to the database
using SQL Server Admin and Query Analyzer without any problem at all.  I am
also using Erwin to create the database, so connectivity is not a problem.

When I attempt to connect using the BDE (even in BDEAdmin), it won't
connect.  It just hangs.

To complete the picture, I am using MS Proxy Server 2.0, but, again, I am
able to use other software to hit the database so I don't believe that Proxy
is getting in the way.

When I move it to my client's network, with a similar setup, the app runs
fine and connects without any problem.

Can anybody offer me any possible solutions to this problem?  What does the
BDE do to connect to a SQL Server database that the MS Tools and Erwin do
not do?

Yes, I am using TCP/IP on the SQL Server client.

Mark A. Deal
Document & Data Solutions, LLC