BDE 5.10 Access Changes not seen in bde app

Don't spend too much time on this.

This below code is working on one of our dev machines. At this point
I believe a driver/configuration may be effecting our other machine.

Do you know, or can you point me towards documentation which describes the
files/registry settings
needed to support the MSACCESS native driver?

Most of the code is taken from the Template program in the BDE help.

static char szTmp[255];
char *s;
int index = 0;

hDBICur  hCur  = 0;  // Handle to the cursor (table)

   switch( uMsg )
      case WM_INITDIALOG :

               hCur = openTable("Table1","MSACCESS");

               while(s[0] != 'Z')
                 s = dbGetFldVal(hCur);
                 ListBox_AddString(GetDlgItem(hDlg, IDC_LIST), s);



      hDBICur    hCur = 0;  // Handle to the cursor (table)

    Chk(DbiOpenTable(                                                    //
Step 7
      hDb,                         // Handle to the standard database
      szTblName,       // Name of the table
      szTblType,       // Type of the table - only used for local tables
      NULL,            // Index Name - Optional
      NULL,            // IndexTagName - Optional. Only used by dBASE

      0,               // IndexId - 0 = Primary.
      dbiREADWRITE,    // Open Mode - Read/Write or Read Only
      dbiOPENSHARED,   // Shared mode - SHARED or EXCL
      xltFIELD,        // Translate mode - Almost always xltFIELD
      FALSE,           // Unidirectional cursor movement.
      NULL,            // Optional Parameters.
      &hCur));         // Handle to the cursor

    return hCur;

char * dbGetFldVal(hCur)
      char *s;
         //Get the next record");
        Chk(DbiGetNextRecord(                                             //
Step 11
          hCur,      // Cursor from which to get the record.

          dbiNOLOCK,   // Lock Type
          pRecBuf,     // Buffer to store the record
          NULL));      // Record properties - don't need in this case

         hCur,             // Cursor which contains the record
         1,                // Field Number of the "Customer" field.
         pRecBuf,          // Buffer containing the record
         (pBYTE)&szClID,   // Variable for the Customer Number

         &isBlank));  // Is the field blank?

     s = szClID;

    return s;

"Jerry Bloomfield (TeamB)" wrote:
> On Fri, 01 Oct 1999 20:08:27 -0700, bret stern
> <> wrote:

> >Anyone have the answer to this, or seen this before?

> Not only have I not seen it,  I have not been able to reproduce it
> either...

> >The problem is changes made to the Access database are not reflected in
> >the record by record scan unless the Access database is compacted.

> >Power down, program re-build etc does not solve this problem. Only a
> >Tool>>Utilities>>Compact database found on the Access database menu
> >solves the problem.

> I do not experience this problem.  Perhaps you could post a small sample of
> your code which is causing this to happen...

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