good pascal books?

HB>In article <4km85b$>, (Jason Tu) says:
HB>>?? BaliztiC ?? ( wrote:
HB>>: anyone know any good books for someone who's just starting out....i
HB>>: know a little...or web sites, ftp..?
HB>I suppose it is a matter of personal preference.  I like books that
HB>have plenty of examples.  I also want relatively little duplication
HB>of the manual, and topics that go beyond the beginner stuff.  I'm a
HB>high school teacher writing a bit of software on the side.
HB>I've found that the best authors are Jeff Dunteman and Tom Swan.
HB>You can't go wrong with either of those guys.

The book I learned from is called "Mastering Turbo Pascal 6" by Tom
Swan, and I'd have to say that it is an excellent book to learn all
aspects of Pascal programming for the beginner and intermediate. It'll
take a person beyond the scope of most other instructive texts.

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