TPicture Property Editor

Hi All

I have a component (ZPropLst) that I am using as a runtime object inspector.
This utilises the default Delphi property editors for most of the class
types. However, it does not include a property editor for the TPicture and
the TBitmap class. I have worked out how to include them in the ZPropLst
unit though. I have found the editor (the default Delphi one) that I am
looking for in the PicEdit unit, but in this unit's 'uses' section, it calls
LibConst.dcu. This is nowhere to be found on my system, or anywhere else on
the internet for that matter. I would prefer to use the default Delphi
picture editor if possible, otherwise, is someone able to tell me of a good
substitute editor that I could use (one which doesn't need PicEdit).

I am using Delphi 4 Standard

Peter Wilson