http access via RDS - not working.


I've got a situation where DCOM gets me access to recordsets on a middleware
server, but HTTP does NOT. I've triple checked all the TCP/IP stuff and IIS
stuff (permissions, security etc).  There's no problem pointing a web
browser at my IP address to see the default MS page they put there.
However, with RDS, when I connect to that IP address, it works, and
AppServer is assigned, but when I call even a simple method via AppServer I
get nothing but a "member not found".

The server is an MTS Data Module, and it IS registered with MTS.  I can see
it in the Administrative Tools Component View under the COM+ packages, as
well as my methods.  I've also made sure that I've made the entry into the
ADCLaunch registry key to make sure that the user can see it.

I've traced into Delphi's source code and find that the difference is in the
GetNamesFromIDs Automation method.  When called via DCOM, I get the correct
Number of methods and the correct method number.  When called via http, I
get a single method (dispid=1 = no such banana).  So, the question really
is, how do you get a VALID http connection from RDS to an MTS server?

I would like to see even a SIMPLE example of code that would help.  None of
the books I've seen, including the vaunted Advanced ADO book, actually
address Http access to an MTS server (which is hard to believe).

Need help ASAP. Any RDS/MTS experts out there please SOS.