DB2 Universal ODBC Different Behaviour of Ttable and TQuery with BLOB FIELDS

If you attempt to use the Sample Database EMP_PHOTO  database shipped with
Universal DB2 or any database which contains a BLOB field and attempt the
following you will find that the BDE (4.0) D3 behaves peculiarly.


1. Increase your BLOB CACHE size to 256K
2. Drop a TTable and connect it to EMP_PHOTO in the sample database
3. Look at the Fields List, You will see all the fields including the
PICTURE field which is a BLOB
4. Now do a TQuery using select * from emp_photo and you will see only two
fields, the BLOB field being left out.  We looked into the db source coude
in vcl\db.pas and found that internally the field type being returned for a
blob in the TQuery was 0 which is ftunknown whereas TTable returned it
correctly as ftblob.

Does anyone at Borland have a clue on this one ?