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Open word document - readonly property

my word 2002 doc does not have the propery readonly, but when I use, I get the message, that the document is

How can I open it from Delphi in a way, that readonly is false?

I used this:,'',false,'','','','','','','');

But this does not work. What is the correct syntax?

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Re:Open word document - readonly property

<<Cristalina Drewing:
I used this:,'',false,'','','','','','','')


Don't pass '' for optional parameters - use EmptyParam for
that (it's declared in Variants.pas). Readonly is false by
default so you don't need to specify it.

Word will open any document as read only if it is already
open, or if it has been saved with the 'read only
recommended' option. Could either of these things be true?

Deborah Pate (TeamB)

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