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Losing rich-text formating in ReportBuilder

Hi there...

I am using ReportBuilder with Delphi 5.

When I print a PDF directly on my form, everything works fine.

As soon as I save my PDF, I lose all the rich-text formatting.
However, I do not lose any formatting in my labels.

The following is a small code snippet of the saving code:

  SaveDialog1.FileName:= 'document.pdf';
  SaveDialog1.DefaultExt := 'PDF';
  if (SaveDialog1.Execute) then
    vReportSource.ShowPrintDialog := False;
    vReportSource.DeviceType := 'PDFFile';
    vReportSource.TextFileName := SaveDialog1.FileName;
    vReportSource.Units := utMillimeters;

Can anyone please assist me?



Re:Losing rich-text formating in ReportBuilder

PS. I am using TExtraDevices to get the PDF format.

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