Crystal Reports 6.0 VCL in Delphi 3 ??

I just got Crystal Reports 6.0, but I can't even manage to install the
VCL in Delphi 3. Are there anyone here that have any clues?
I get the 'Fatal error' message when trying to compile it: Read error on
ucrpe32. Or Delphi says that it can't open ucrpe32.pas !!

I have to use the OCX until it's solved :-(

Apart from that, I can't get CR to accept my serial number, so I have to
go through the register dialog every time I start the CR Designer.
Not to mention the help files and everything Delphi is not updated for
Delphi 3 :-(

I'm not too happy with it. But it does seem to have a lot of power if you
can just live with the quirks...

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