Problems using TServerSocket & TClientSocket in Delphi 3.0 C/S

    Hello fellow Delphi programmers...

    I am working on a time critical Client/Server application involving
databases and TCP/IP.  I have a server program using Delphi 3.0 C/S's
TServerSocket and a client application using the TClientSocket.  I ran my
server application on one computer connected to the internet.  It had a 100%
legal IP address on a dial up internet account and Im not behind any
firewalls or proxies or anything of that sort.  I sent my friend the client
application, and he couldn't connect to my server.  Both programs run and
communicate perfectly using the loopback ip address, and I also
stress-tested my programs on a TCP/IP based LAN.  The problems begin to
arise when trying to communicate over the internet.  I'm not an ISP and
neither computers (running client or server) have a dedicated connection,
they are both dial up.  But that shouldn't matter, as long as you have an IP
address, you should be able to connect with other clients and servers on
remote computers.


      --  My friend couldn't connect to my server ESocketError 1006 I
believe was the error on the client.  I think this problem might be a
timeout.  I think that perhaps the TServerSocket or TClientSocket's TTL
variable's value is set too low.  But the thing is, is it doesn't connect.

    --  When I tried with a different friend who was a few hops closer <g>,
it connected fine, but 5 minutes into the connection, the client raised an
error, I don't recall the error code, but it was a Socket error, and this
error arose every time I ran the two.  It's definitely not something Im
doing in my code.  I think it's again the TClientSocket or TServerSocket

I'm not sure that if they are bugs in the components themselves or what, and
Im not sure if they are fixed in the Delphi 3.01 or 3.02 upgrade, but I
would like to know.  I need to have this error fixed ASAP.  I am also
looking into TurboPower's AsyncPro communication suite, and I will resort to
that if I must, but that would require a lot of changes in my app.  Any
ideas or help would be greatly appreciated, my email address is , or you may just reply here ;)

btw, the computers I am using are Windows 95 Rev. A (not OSR2).  Thanks.