Max Length in Library Path?

Anyone else experiencing that the Library path in Delphi 3.0 has a sort of
Max Length or Max number of items! I have problems installing new
components in my dcluser30. Seems that it has reached a sort of max?

Another funny thing: Is the Library path for every package the same one (a
global one), and is this the same library path which the compiler searches
every time it compiles a project?
(Looking for *.dcu's for components used in current project.) ???

When I try to move to another package (dcluser30_2) I change my Library
path to only include the paths neceserry to compile this new package. When
I then turn around to one of my prog's that uses components from both of
these packages I get a 'Cant find xxxx.dcu'...

So I'm stuck. I can't add a new path (because of this perculiar max thing),
and I can't leave one out 'Can't find xxxx.dcu..'

Edgar Vorland

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