** Bug on SQL 6.5 or Delphi BUG ??????

    I create a tables under the MS-SQL server 6.5 which called
At the beginning, I only create 3 fields in table. However, 3 days later, I
modify the table and add 3 more fields that means now the table has 6 total
   When I use the field editor to add 3 more fields into the query. The
query always report me that only 3 fields availables. ??? Why ???? Why the
other 3 fields are disappear. ???

   I guess delphi will create some temporary tables to store the previous
information so thats why even the physical table is changed but it still
report me only 3 fields not 6 fields ....

   Thanks for your Help and attention.

 {*word*106} Wong from Hong Kong.