Delphi Development Jobs, Starfish Software

Starfish Software, located in Scotts Valley , CA is currently looking for
several key engineers to help us on our next generation product development

Just a few of our openings:

Software Engineers

1. MS Windows SDK, Delphi / Pascal / C or C++ and experience with
Windows 95  would be a plus. 2-3 years software development experience

2. Sidekick - TAPI, MS Windows SDK, C or C++ TAPI,  Windows 95.
Experience with Telephony API required.

Software QA Engineers

MS Windows, GUI product testing experience, familiar with product
development / QA process, test procedures, bug tracking, test regression,
Windows 95 a plus.

Starfish Software, founded in 1994, is focused on delivering high-quality,
powerful but simple software products that will help people around the
world become better organized, and more productive. The company1s
product strategy is based on a careful attention to software craftsmanship.
Starfish follows a simple design discipline known as the slimware concept.
Compact, high performance software which delivers the most useful features
through an intuitive interface that novice and technical user alike can embrace.

We offer competitive compensation packages which include equity options.

For more information and or consideration on these positions please forward
your resume to:

Starfish Software - Att. Starfish Staffing
1700 Green Hills Road
Scotts Valley,  CA  95066

E-Mail -

Fax 408-461-5900