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I have an application that I created in Delphi 3 that has two reports.  The reports printed as expected in the D3 version.  Then I upgraded to Delphi 5, made the necessary adjustments to my old D3 program and recompiled it in D5.  Now, one report will print as expected, the other will not print and in Print Preview, will display a blank screen, although there should be printed output.

Both reports were created by dropping a QuickRep component onto a form, and both are one page reports because there is never anymore than one record in the database.  Both reports are nearly identical, except for slightly different labels and format.  I've examined both report settings in the Object Inspector, and the Source Codes  -- both are idential except for the references to different labels and such.  They both call and use the same Table.  The Table Fields appear on both Reports.  The only thing I have not done is examine in detail the .DFM files.   Still, no matter what I do, one report will print, the other will not.

The Reports are called in exactly the same way, such as:

  Rep1.QuickRep1.PreviewModal;  //  This one works....

  Rep3.QuickRep3.PreviewModal;  // This one does not....

Any ideas, anybody????

Richard Wakeman





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