Informix-BDE problems

I'm not trying to build a delphi application; rather, I'm doing my stuff in
java, but I need a nice basic SQL Client for snooping around, and Delphi 4's
SQL Explorer (or Database Explorer, whatever you want to call it) is the
coolest.  The database is Informix 7 running on HP/UX 10.20.

So I went in the SQL explorer, and tried to make a new connection.  I tried
putting myserver://mydatabase, myserver@mydatabase, myserver:/mydatabase,
myserver:mydatabase, etc. in the "server name" field and/or the "database
name" field, then opening the connection, but since SQL Explorer just hangs
until I usually have to press the PC's reset button (running NT Server, in
all its high- availability glory), the process of trying every possible thing


Besides, I'm not sure if I even need some sort of special drivers.  Do I need
special drivers or not?  Do I need to buy anything from Informix?  Download
anything?  Anything at all?  I saw one post on here that yakked about needing
IConnect32, and I saw another that said the native drivers are all there.  Is
one driver more fun than the others?  What is it?  Take a vote?

This sure is frustrating.  Why does getting the initial connection setup
always have to be such an underwater walk in the dark?  Rhetorical question.
Anyhow, thanks in advance,

troy motte

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