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Please Helpme

I am a veteran Foxpro programmer (Dos platform) and MIS Manager of a
large Pharma. Company. I Purchased Delphi 2.0 but am unable to migrate
inspite of having read Tom Swan's excellent books. I have a few very
specific queries. I don't know if I am adressing the right group or not,
if not PLEASE HELP ME TO REACH THE RIGHT PLACE. How can I get help ?
Kindly address, at least initially,if possible, to my email address :

Well, thaks if you can help and sorry if I am bothering you.


Re:Please Helpme

I have never worked with Fox so I probably cannot help you, however, this is
the right place to ask questions.  In addition to this newsgroup, which is
devoted to desktop database questions, there are many others dealing with
other aspects of Delphi.

Bill Todd
(Sorry but TeamB cannot answer questions received via email)
(Remove nospam from my email address to contact me for any other reason)

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