Programmatic BDE configuration?

Hi all!
I am gearing up to deploy a Delphi 2/Oracle 7.3 app in our environment
where the target machines may already have the BDE installed for other
Delphi apps.  How do I go about ensuring that the proper database driver
and alias gets put into place programmatically on a target machine which
may or may not have the BDE already. If the BDE is already residing on the
target machine, can I dynamically create driver and alias information that
lasts only for the session?  If the BDE is not there, can my app
programmatically set it up to point the registry to a network BDE, where
the proper driver and alias has been setup?  How would this be done?  
I am trying to piece together information I am reading about the Registry,
about the BDE, and about Oracle and would appreciate any insight.  Please
respond to me personally as well as to the newsgroup.  Thanks!
Kathy Xykis
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