Maximum record size with ORACLE and 32 bit BDE

Hi All,

  Has anyone else experienced this problem (or better still, fixed it!)


  I am using a VARCHAR2(2000) field in Oracle. There seems to be a maximum
number of characters that I can put into a TDBMemo field connected to this
before my program crashes when I try to Post the amended record. This limit
is 1110 chars.


  Everything else to do with the database seems fine, so connectivity is
not a problem. There does not seem to be any report of this in the Delphi
FAQ or on any of the pages on the Borland WWW site. (Doing a search for
ORACLE produces 106 documents - all but 4 of which appear to have no useful
info at all).

  This only happens using Delphi 3.0 and the 32 bit client for Oracle.
Delphi 1.0 and a 16 bit Oracle client is fine.

  I can reproduce this effect with different Oracle tables, although the
exact maximum number of chars depends upon the other fields in the table.
This makes me suspect that the total record size / buffer is causing a

  I can reproduce this using either a VARCHAR2 or a LONG Oracle datatype.

  I can update the field properly with SQL*Plus 3.3.

  The line which crashes (in DBTables.PAS) is performing a DbiModifyRecord.

  Using a live query or a table does the same thing (they both stop at the
same line in DBTables.PAS).

  The Delphi field component is a TMemoField (the default produced by the
Fields editor at design time).

  I have tried altering all the parameters in the BDE configuration which
might be to do with BLOBs, eg BLOB SIZE, without any obvious effect.

  All of the above leads me to believe that either there is a bug in the
BDE / Borland's ORACLE SQL Links driver, or there is a parameter in my BDE
setup which is incorrect.


  Windows 95
  Delphi 3.0 Client/Server
  BDE 4.0 using the Borland supplied ORACLE driver
  Oracle Workgroup server 7.3
  SQL*Net client 2.3

  If anyone would like me to mail my test program or any other information
(eg my entire BDE ORACLE driver setup) for further investigation, then I
would be happy to do so.

 Thanks in advance

Ed Webb