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Multiple clients, one server problem.

Hi there.

I am working on a simple chat-program and planning to slowly let it grow
just for educational purposes.

Now I have a server and a client ready for use.
The problem is that the server accepts multiple connections at once, but
also handles them seperatly.

What I mean is, in client one, I type some words and send them to the
The server displays them as it should (YAY !:P) but client two and three do
not see what I typed.
Same goes for Client two and three, one and three and one and two
respectively will not see what is typed.

Now I told the server to send the received strings back to the client with
the Socket.SendText command.
What I really would like tho is a way to send this string to ALL connected
clients if possible. This way as you would have guessed a multi-user chat
becomes reality.

Can anyone help me out and point me in the right direction ?



Re:Multiple clients, one server problem.


could it be, that just the last client get the string/send the string?

Michael Olschimke

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