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Team member(s) wanted for game development

2003-11-04 05:31:48 PM
The Bronze Forge project is looking for team members.
The Bronze Forge goal is to build a viable business that provides
customers access to multi-player games via the Internet. We have no
intention of competing with the big names of the games business who
often produce variations on a theme that has been done to death, "only-
Instead we will focus on games that can be developed by a small team,
within a reasonable timeframe. We will avoid concentrating 70% of the
development resources on cutting edge 3D graphics. Instead we?ll spend
those 70% on game design and depth of content.
The plan is to develop games for a niche of the game playing market,
more specific to gamers who enjoy intellectual and, possibly, emotional
challenges. We pick themes that are not common in today?s computer game
market, but have a track record in strategy and simulation {*word*143}. This
includes political, religious, psychological, "mature", fantasy, science
fiction and horror themes.
The initial effort planned will be a "board game" type simulation
inspired by such films as Power Play and Salvador.
As more games are completed they will be added to the Bronze Forge
stable and customers can log on and participate in any of the game
titles being offered.
We also wish to give players a {*word*143} milieu where they can meet others
with similar interests in {*word*143}. As part of this we wish to give
customers the possibility of rating their peers (in a controlled manner
to avoid "grief" tactics).
Bronze Forge is currently an "Indie" type project, meaning it has little
funding except for critical investments or low cost contract work.
Participants will therefore work either against reimbur{*word*224}t when the
project generates an income or ownership in the company. The project
recognizes the importance of legally binding agreements to ensure the
rights of both the project and all contributing team members.
Organizing work:
Since this will be a "distributed effort" we have selected a number of
collaborative tools for team use. It is vital that every member is
active when it comes to communication with the rest of the team. How you
are progressing (or not) is vital information to the project, and to
stay on the team you must stay in regular contact (this helps maintain
the feeling of working in a team as well).
Philosophy and Vision:
It is the profound wish to CREATE that drives this project. The creation
of games and the creation of a business that will one day make the team
members into makers of their own destinies and, incidentally, provide
them with an income.
As a part of that vision the Bronze Forge project wishes to emphasize
the importance of mutual respect within the team.
The short and long term goals include:
1. Build a business that generates enough revenue to support further
2. Build a team that works well together
3. Develop further games consistent with philosophy described earlier
4. (Long term) Develop a Multi-player Persistent World that supports
a low number of participants (typically 300) per instance, but that
actually implements PvP in a controlled manner, controlled player
justice, as well as community building that has meaning in a game world
Experience or knowledge we are looking for includes:
? MySQL configuration
? Network security
? Encryption
? DirectX (mostly DirectDraw, but possibly also DirectPlay)
? Client / Server design
? Borland Delphi, or possibly Java. (C++ is not ideal for us, but
don?t be discouraged)
o TCP Sockets using Indy (or alternatively DirectPlay)
o Multi threading
o Blocking sockets
o State machines
o Observers
o Time scheduling
o "Smart" referencing
o Object script extensions
? Simple encryption
? Simple AI such as A* variants
? Windows GUI
? 2D and or 3D graphic design
? General Linux inc. security/firewall
? Non-computer game design, war/strategy/simulation game experience,
RPG experience
? A little web site development (Php, Python, or other)
? Credit card processing services
You must be able to show a reasonable progress on a week by week basis *
(see below) and, barring force majeure, be an active contributing member
until the project completes to benefit as specified in your individual
In addition, you must be willing to
? document your work
? keep a log of hours worked and submit this to the team in a weekly
basis for approval
? keep in regular communication with the team through the tools
provided. This part is very important!
If you possess one or more of these skills/abilities, or believe you can
build them in fairly short order, you might just be the right person.
* Note on work load.
This being a non-funded project initially, a majority of the team?s
members will be otherwise employed during the day. As a minimum, a Core
Team Member must be able to contribute with at least 3-4 hours a day (on
average) while they has open tasks assigned for the project to have
sufficient progress.
However, owning interest or other compensation will be partly calculated
from work contribution.
Time frame
Currently we are calculation with about 12 months to complete
infrastructure and first game coding, i.e. start first beta phase.
However, this figure is very much subject to change as the team
composition is not yet fixed.
Initial contact must be made to XXXX@XXXXX.COM. (Use the
word "BronzeForge" in the subject line AND skip the "donotinclude-" part
of the e-mail address)
Tell us a bit about yourself, your experience, and your ambitions.
Everyone will receive a reply, and the most promising applicants will be
contacted for further interviewing.
Tore Hoyem
Bronze Forge project manager
Temporary site:
(Note: This ad has been posted on several game developer sites)

Re:Team member(s) wanted for game development

"Tore Hoyem" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes
The Bronze Forge project is looking for team members.

So basically you want someone to work for FREE for 12 months.
Nice try.

Re:Team member(s) wanted for game development

"Micheal" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes:
"Tore Hoyem" <XXXX@XXXXX.COM>writes
>The Bronze Forge project is looking for team members.

So basically you want someone to work for FREE for 12 months.
Nice try.
Well, that is the way Indie projects work. It is not an unknown concept and
it works rather well. Of course, it is not for everyone.
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