ANN: DDObjects 0.9.11

2006-02-25 10:38:12 AM
Vienna, the 25th of february 2006
I would like to announce the recent release of DDObjects 0.9.11.
DDObjects is a distributed object system for Delphi which originally has
been developed in november 2003 and extended extensively within the last two
weeks. A main goal while developing DDObjects has not been only to keep the
code one has to implement in order to utilize DDObjects as simple as
possible but also very close to Delphis usual style of event-driven
DDObjects supports
Remote method calls
Server callbacks
Asynchronous calls
Asynchronous callbacks
Statefull and -less objects
Object parameters
and much more...
DDObjects uses plain XML as protocol, contains a broker component, a
sourcecode generator as well as two new visual controls. DDObjects is
shareware, supports Delphi 5 to 8 and comes with full sourcecode. Support
for Delphi 2005 is scheduled to be released within the next days.
Release 0.9.11 is a huge step towards version 1.0, introduces asynchronous
callbacks and fixes some issues regarding callbacks, sourcecode generation
as well as a bug introduced in 0.9.10 which did lead to a growing number of
handles and inadequate memory consumption under certain circumstances.
To download your copy of DDObjects locate your browser to
Stefan Meisner
visit my homepage: