Delphi 8 to slow to be usable

2004-11-20 12:46:28 AM
Our application consists of over 300 Pas units and getting it to work
in Delphi 8 is a total nightmare.
We have already paid ?,000 for a specalist to help with the
conversion process which is going well but its the sheer speed (or
lack of it) that makes Delphi 8 unusable.
There are massive delays doing anything, pressing a key in the editor,
hitting Save, going through a debug with F8 - a second or so for each
line of code. Its just unusable.
We are all using P4 2GHz Pcs with 1GB Ram and its still painfully
Dows anyone know if D2005 addresses this issue?
I went back to Delphi 6 the other day to re-compile an old application and
was amazed at its speed compared to D8. How quickly we forget.
Come on Borland, RAD ? I dont think so.