To Deborah Pate: A question about Delphi 7 and MS Access

2004-06-09 07:45:06 PM
I am hoping that you will pick up on this question and help me, as it
appears that you are THE expert in this group.
I've posted on this topic tiwce in the last few weeks, and had no responses,
so I am hoping that you will be able to point me in the right direction
I need to write a custom Debtors Module in Delphi 7 for a General Ledger System
that is written MS Access. I want to amke the Debtors Module run from a
button in the main Access form of the GL, and I wan't it to look like a part
of the GL application.
I've been monitoring this group for some time now but I seldom if ever see
any questions related to Access, so no luck picking up something by the way,
hence the direct question.
I've tired using a TOLEContainer, and whiel I can get Access to run, it does
not embed itself in the Delphi 7 form, it runs seperately.
I do not see any components on the Delphi 7 component palette that appear to allow
one to work iwth Access as a COM server either.
My sense is that I need to create the Delphi 7 Debtors Module as a COM server
which is run from within the Access GL application, but I must admit to
having no idea how to go about it. I have trawled the Web, but have found
little or nothing that helps me, so any help would be MOST appreciated.