Doesn't work in Windows NT 4.0

There are about 50 902 class errors, do you have any more information?  Also you
are not trying to connect remotely right?  Local Interbase does not access
remote connections.

Jess Manuel Alia?o Montesdeoca wrote:


> Hello:

>     I'm a new user of interbase, and my problem is the next:

> I have two pc's conected, and when i try to access remotely to IB
> Server, ...
> Error!!!!! -902

> It hapens when i use Windows nt 4.0
> My installation of Interbase is the "Local Interbase" --> Everything
> Interbase 5.5
> I have only one copy of the file: gds32.dll in each pc
> I have tried all the protocols, ... NETBEUI and TCP/IP
> I always try to connect with the WISQL

> But, ...
> I have no problem when working with Windows 95/98/98SE/2000

> What's the matte? is there any hidden problem with Windows nt 4.0?
> Have I got to configure anything in Windows nt 4.0?

> The problem is always the same, ... When the server in which is the
> database is Windows NT 4.0, ...
> I cannot connect.!!!!!

> Can anybody help me?

> Thanks in advance.

Jeff Overcash (TeamB)
      (Please do not email me directly unless  asked. Thank You)
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