Seagate Crystal Reports Vs Delphi


I'm currently using Crystal Reports v7 professional to create comprehensive
complex HR & Payroll reports and since it is a powerful tool I can make
almost any type of report. But I'm facing performance problems (listed
below) which I wander if it can be resolved using Delphi.
1.      Crystal reports don't have native drivers for Visual FoxPro date (my
data tables are Visual FoxPro) therefore I'm using ODBC which slows the
process (no index etc) .
2.      When using parameters in Crystal reports it can't do server side
processing and therefore brings all records to the local machine and then
select the records match the criteria. And this not only slows process but
also make more network traffic.
3.      When using sub-reports  crystal will always  do client side processing
for the sub-report so I'm getting again the problem as explained in #2.
4.      I have thousands of variables to go over for each record and therefore I
have reports which can take 40 minuets and much more.

Can anyone tell me if these problems will be resolved when using Delphi
instate of Crystal ? and if possible to give me more details how to do it
in Delphi.

Thanks in Advance