New doubts over maximum size of local query text

In article <>, (John Anfuso) wrote:

>Situation: Truncated SQL text when run off Paradox tables.

>Borland technical support was able to reproduce the problems I was
>having when I tried to Open a "large" SQL statement.  Although the
>object that stores the text can handle practically unlimited sized
>queries (255 char per line and up to 32K or so total size), the actual
>use of it is limited to about 255 characters _total_.

>Technical support provided a work around for my case - basically it
>involved getting the size of the query less than 255 characters.

>Quite rude.


I seriously doubt this.  I have written large Database application with SYBASE
and Paradox using the TQuery and some of my queries that I send are over 32k.
 I would say that the limit is roughly 64k, but with the limitiation of 255
characters per line.  Could it be that your SQL statment is on "one line" and
when you read it in from a file or assign it using SQL.Add() that your line is
over 255 characters?


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