Strange Errors ( naming conflicts )--how to avoid?

I spent the better part of Monday ( which, on further reflection, I
would *not* describe as the better part ) tracking down another strange
error  ( something along the lines of "version mismatch--Dialogs" ),
which turned out to be due to having named 2 of my files commdlg.pas and

I remember reading something somewhere in the Delphi documentation that
essentially said  "if you get weird errors, rename your stuff" --but following
this advice won't prevent the problem, it just cuts down by a few hours
the time it takes to find & fix it.

Is there a way ( besides trial & error ) to find out which of your names have
other, unintended meaning(s) to Delphi?

Thanks in advance


In article, (Isaac Hepworth) writes:

> Ken Kyler <> wrote:

> >       ...if FileExists(sTempDB) then Exit;

> >however I get the following error message when I check syntax or run the
> >program:

> >Error: ~~Main.PAS(1050): Statement expected, but expression of type
> >'TMenuItem' found.

> >Anyone have any idea what's wrong?

> Yes. You have a menu item on your form called Exit. Change the name of this
> menu item ...

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