Enabled property of DBEdit component

I have 3 questions :
Q 1:
While working with DBEdit-components I expererienced following :
when a DBEdit component Enabled-property is set to false the text in
it is displayed grayed, but only if in the corresponding
TTable-element the allignment is 'taLeftJustify'. If allignment is
changed to RightJustify, the text in the DBEdit--component is shown as
normal text, not grayed.

Q 2:
When DBEdit-component is set to ReadOnly, one can still select the
component . Is it possible to configure the DBEdit-component so that
it cannot be selected at runtime ? ( I tried with Enabled, but I want
the text to be displayed  normal and not grayed ! )

Q 3:
Is there a specific newsgroup for " Delphi Beginners "  ?