Extreme memory usage using image BLObs, MSSQL/BDE 5.01

TTables in D4 using BDE 5.01 accessing MSSQL tables with TEXT and IMAGE
fields use a _lot_ of memory. Why?

By "a lot" I mean in the excess of 60MB just to editing a record. The
memory seems to be temporary allocations; the memory usage goes down once
the record has been canceled/posted. The memory consumption during
viewing (ie., SELECTs) is quite abnormal, as well.

And we're not talking about _data_ here -- the memory requirement
persists even when the tables are pretty empty.

I've set BLOB SIZE=5000 in order to allow images of at least 5MB to be
stored in the tables. Maybe this is the perpetrator? Unfortunately,
storing full-resoltion images just isn't possible with the default
setting (max 32K per BLOb).

Alexander Staubo