Access 2000, Windows 2000, BDE


I wrote an application for a customer using D5 and Access 2000. I connect to
the database through the BDE and ODBC. I use TTables and TQueries. When I
wrote the application the customer had a Windows NT 4 / Windows 98
environment, and everything worked great. Now they have upgraded to Windows
2000, and we have big problems.

Specifically, when more than one user is hitting a specific table at once,
the database table gets crushed so bad that I cannot repair it with Access
2000. I have to delete the records from the table. This has happened several

My question (finally) is this: What is causing this? I seriously suspect the
BDE with Windows 2000, but I don't want to get into a major modification
unless I know for sure that I'm correct. Does anyone know FOR SURE that
these things happen with this combination (D5, W2K, BDE 5.11, ODBC)? If so,
what are the alternatives? Do I have to go to ADO Tables (or whatever)? How
big of a job will it be for an application with 15 screens and a database
with 30 tables?

Thanks in advance,