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"Class not registered"(IS

(I thougth this was a FAQ, but I couldn't find the answer anywhere...)

In short: If I try to use any of the Internet controls that comes with Delphi
2.01, I get a 'class not registered' error message. I have merged the
licences.reg file into the registry. Shouldn't the component just work after a
successful installation? Btw, this is on NT 4 if it matters.

Mr.Hillbilly (
 tHyperSoft HyperReader 1.0t


Re:"Class not registered"(IS


I would like to be informed on any possible solution.

I had the same with ChartFX

I received messages suggesting the use of REGSVR32, but had no succes
trying it.

Benny Van de Velde    (TRI-SOFT)

Re:"Class not registered"(IS

I Have Had the same problem but have found no answer. Has no one out there
solved this?

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