Security problem (Was: help on file

Quote (The Maverick) writes:
>FH> >var
>FH> >rfile: file of recordstrc;
>FH> >begin
>FH> >Assign(RFile, RFilename);
>FH> >reset(rfile);
>Big problem..  it should be reset(rfile,1);
>just a plain reset read the file in blocks of 128 which cause BIG files and
>adding of other things to the file.

No, this only applies for *untyped* files. Here, rfile is a *typed* file,
so just reset(rfile) is right, it will get the right size, i.e. the size of
recordstrc. Furthermore, reset(rfile,1) is syntactically not allowed on
typed files. So you'd have gotten a compiler error, if you'd have tried it.