SQL-Anywhere - Max limits of tables in db-file

Hi there !

We have problem when we reaching the max limit of created tables in
sql-anywhere 6.01. We can not create more tables in the db-file.
If I take a select max(table_id) from systable I'l get 32767, and I
know that this is the max limit in 6.01.
If I take select count(*) from systable I'l get 20000 (or something
like that), so there are plenty of deleted tables in the db-file.

Soner or later we have to convert to sql-anywhere 7.0 (or newer), but
we do not want to do that now becaurse we have to do a lot of testing,
... and we know that we have to e.g. delete som tables (in 6.01) to be
able to convert... we have tried it. There is also a problem with e.g.
tiniint (different in 6.1 and 7) +++

What is the easiest way to treat this problem (without converting to
7.0) ?

Nils H