BDE Paradox NET DIR Setting unusual result

Dear all,

I need a little help please.

I have two Delphi 3.0  progs( 1 & 2)  running on a machine (1)  peer to peer
Win9X networked to one other machine (2). (Machine 2's only role is to have
a required Paradox DB used by Prog 1, and also the file on the
root of its c:\)

Prog 1 on machine 1 uses a database set on the other machine (2). So I have
run BDE and placed a paradox network file on the network drive on machine 2.
Things work well.

However if  machine 2 is not connected, prog number 2 running on machine 1
(which has no need to access the absent machine 2) can not obtain access to
its own Paradox table stored on its own local machine 1. An error message
notes that the network is not present.

What do I do in BDE 4.x to get it to allow both network access from machine
1 for Prog 1, and local access for machine 1 and Prog 2?

Please email me directly as well