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Access violation in Qrpt30.dpl


Everytime when I like to create a new report ( a TQuickRep Object)
comes the error message:

Access violation at address 41CCA055 in module "Qrpt30.dpl"
Read of address 007D0078

That means, that I can't create reports.

What can I do?

My computer an Delphi Version:
Pentium, NT operating system, Ethernet. Delphi 3.0 professional

Greetings an thanks

Michael Brunner


Re:Access violation in Qrpt30.dpl

Peter Gens <> schrieb im Beitrag

> Do any "Warnings" pop up when you compile, such as "Object may have
> not been initialized"?  Is this a creation by instantiating a
> TQuickReport object or an auto-created form?

They are TQuick Report Objects and there are no pop up warnings.

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