Why won't Session variable behave globally ?


Code follows:

I'm using a series of Password protected Paradox tables.
In my DPR I set the session.addpassword('mypass').
The main form opens Ok and access the paradox password protected file
but when I open another form where there's a password protected file
with the same password it stops and asks me for the password.

It won't seem to act globally, yet Database desktop accepts the password
and opens all files.

 Application.CreateForm(TFrm_NSRec, Frm_NSRec);
 Application.CreateForm(TAboutBox, AboutBox);
 Application.CreateForm(TFrm_CustSelect, Frm_CustSelect);
 Application.CreateForm(TFPack, FPack);
 Application.CreateForm(TFMot, FMot);

Any suggestions ?
Regards, Ian