Delphi <-> WiN95 [NETWORK]

Howdy Stranger!

Im currently working on a project, but im stuck with a problem I hope
you can help me with! problem is as follows:

Im working on a project which should end up as an ease-of-install
network solution ...but! ...I have figured out that the easiest way to
make this project, is to let windows detect the netcard automaticly and
then after windows start up again fire up my program from the start-
group! ...Now, it would be nice if I could check to see if the netcard
was successfully installed and windows has detected the right driver,
but how do I do this?

I want to check if the netcard is functioning alright, just as if I had
chosen the "Network Neightbourhood" and checked the network my self!

If no errormessages appear in the "Network Neightbourhood" we may
consider the network functioning, so if I only could check the network
from my program? ...there must be a way?

Secondly, I have looked a great deal in the windows95 registry and found
the netcard-settings and name, but this information is not placed at the
same location on all computers :( how could I get this information

So, to make it clear in a simple manner: I want to get some information
about the netcard/network-settings directly from my program! ...can
anyone help me with this problem?

Niels-Ole Gram