little BIG problem with IBX 4.2

First i like to thank you for you work with IBX 4.2.

I was testing some things with IBX 4.2 and found a problem with the next

I have made a master/client connection Like:

TblMaster :
  Select Room_id, RoomName from rooms

  Select rt.RoomType_id, rtl.RoomTypeName ,'1' InUse
  from RoomTypes rt left join RoomTypeList rtl on rt.RoomType_id =
  where rt.Room_id = ?Room_id
  Select RoomType_id, RoomTypeName, '0' as InUse
  from  RoomTypeList
  where RoomType_id not in (select RoomType_id
                                       from RoomType
                                       where Room_id = ?Room_id)
  Order by 1

This works fine with SelectSql. But with the refresh ?Room_id = 0

Do you have a idee to fix this problem. Please let me know.
When this is fixed i can send some demo copy out the door.


Niels v/d Spek