Error 10756:$2A04 "Operation not applicable"

Delphi   -> 3.0
BDE      -> 4.51
Platform -> Windows NT 4.0
ODBC     -> Centura SQLBase 32-bit Driver-NT by INTERSOLV version
Database -> Centura SQLBase Server running on a seperate server

I have several CGI applications that that access our database through
the BDE and ODBC drivers using TQuery's and TTables. These applications
will execute without any problems for a variable amount of time and then
when any of them attempt to execute, the "Error initializing BDE, $2A04
error" will be returned. At this point, not even the BDE Administrator
can be launched, for it also returns this error message. The only way to
clear this problem that I have found is to restart the server. The
amount of time between this failure is anywhere from 2 days to 3 weeks.

What might cause this to happen? I am positive that our database
programming techniques are correct.

Your help will be deeply appreciated!!