Anyone for a glass of Careport?

Dear all,

I would be most interested to hear from anybody who has been involved in
developing a software interface to the Hewlett-Packard Careport.  I am
currently looking to automate the recording of vital signs data from medical
equipment via the Careport serial digital network.  This will free up the
nurses from performing manual chart work - as currently they record the
vital sign data every hour onto a paper chart - and will provide greater
accuracy and establish a reliable archive from which to extract statistical
information.  My application tool of choice for developing the Careport
interface would be Delphi 4/5 and database would probably be Paradox on an
NT4 server.

I would greatly appreciate any contributions from those of you involved in
similar a project.  Additionally, I would be interested to know what has
happened to the Careport product because I could find no information on the
internet even from the Hewlett Packard website!   Our Careport is a large
external box.  Has it been miniturised onto a PCI card for example?

Yours hopefully

Ken Roy